First blog post! A look into my living room decor style

Ok- my 2019 promise to myself is to show more of ME to my clients. I tend to hide behind the curtain sometimes when it comes to projects and my personal space, so this is really going to challenge me to come out of hiding a bit to share with you guys more about my passions and personal projects. I decided to make my first post about how I decorated my living room on a budget and used things I (and my boyfriend) have collected over the years. The challenge was incorporating his eclectic style with mine. The result is a space him an I both LOVE so much, so I hope you find a bit of inspiration in it as well.

sophisticated living room

Honing in on my own personal style was really hard for years. I think I had such a difficult time doing it because I’m so used to helping others with their own brand’s aesthetics, visions, or projects that I had never really sat down and thought about my own! If I have to put a label on my decorating style, it would be Italian mid-century modern boho. I totally made that up, so if anyone has a better way to describe this, please let me know haha. Things like velvet fabrics, gold accents, cane-back chairs, and plants make my heart flutter. I love adding interest with antiques, like my hoof foot coffee table, bar cart, and cow hide rug. Quirky things like my beetle pillow and Alexander McQueen fashion book keep things a little spooky and are great conversation pieces.

teal wall decor

To be honest, I didn’t pre-plan while decorating my living room. There were certain things I KNEW I wanted to incorporate (a velvet green couch, a dark wall, and my vintage brass coffee table) but honestly my mind was all over the place because this is the FIRST time I had complete creative license over my own living space. I started gathering inspiration and shopping around, and I sat in the space a while to really let the energy of it inspire me. Choosing the couch and the couch color felt like a life or death decision (very ridiculous I know haha). I was so nervous because I knew that it would drive the direction of the whole room. When I finally took the dive with this BEAUTIFUL luxurious one from Article, everything else seemed to come naturally.

I tried to thrift as much as I can and used a lot of what I already had available. My motto for the most part is to take your time when decorating so you can find pieces will be ones you LOVE TO LIVE WITH. Will you still feel the same way about that chair from rooms-to-go years to come? Probably not. Find items that spark an emotional excitement within you, not just fill a space.

I love the thrill of a good find but I also love that for the most part, no-one else will have it. Thrifting is therapeutic for me and I’m shocked at some of the great items I find (and the price I find them at!). I am not ashamed to say I frequent Goodwill weekly.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you love about this space or where your favorite places to go for decor are :)